Aframero Limited – We are a fast growing multi branch company in the furniture component trading and manufacturing sector. We also offer the widest range of decors & colors in the country. Included in our services are production of 3D design rendering and material optimization. In addition, we offer smart space solutions and innovative storage options to maximize efficiency in your living and work spaces. We are efficient in delivery and reliable with great customer experience and service. We have begun to offer training courses to the woodworking industry.Job Description

To maintain a high level of cleanliness of equipment and machine when not in use.
Management of surrounding areas and environment of factory machine.
Tidying of workspace and premises.
Proper stacking of work-in-progress at workspace before completion.
Ensure proper hanging of tapes in use, and removing of tapes not in use from workspace.
Ensure proper accountability of customer cut off by making timely return to the warehouse.
To work towards meeting minimum target of 75 boards a day to be cut without chips.
To follow edge banding procedure and producing to top quality standard (authorized standard).
To ensure that instructions relating to production are correctly followed.
Proper arrangement of panels and checking quantity as depicted in cutlist and approved standard for production.
To ensure proper handling and filing of process documents – Job Order, Cutlist, Maxcut, Registers etc.
Assist in assembling of doors and other client wood work specification.
Willingness to learn how to use a beam saw, boring machine and other furniture machines
Ability to shape to specified materials using both hand and work tools
Ability to assemble and fasten materials using hand tools, wood tools, dowel pins and glue
Ability to finish surfaces of woodwork using wood paints, lacquer etc
Knowledge must include design, cutting lists, pricing, production process, and installation process.
Possess a working knowledge of furniture fittings and accessories
Other duties as assigned.

Special Features of Job Holder

The job holder must have a minimum of technical college certificate and apprenticeship scheme.
Be honest, creative imagination, multi-tasking and hardworking with at least one years working experience.
In addition to the job holder must possess the following skills. Strong analytical skills, planning, scheduling, controlling & coordinating, have high integrity, good interpersonal skills, be result oriented, strong oral and written communication skills, problem solving and analyzing skill.
Possess a working knowledge of furniture fittings and accessories.
Ability to communicate effectively English language both verbally and in writing.
Should have good eyesight, steady hands and have good medical record.

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