So many men are dreaded by some lady’s love for money, maybe because of the negative impact it has on the lady by leading her into making money in illegal ways.

But at the same time, we ought to have the positive insight on the reason our men should rather go for women that loves money.

So here are my reasons:

1) SHE ACTS AS A MOTIVATOR: When you wife a lady that loves money, you will always be motivated to financially, probably because, she may be ahead of you both financially and in economic aspect, and probably, you as a man wouldn’t want that for yourself, so your financial drives will be proliferated. You will always wanna be the head, so, this becomes a driving force that will push you moving forward to maintain your ego as a man.

2) SHE HELPS EXPUNGE THE MIND OF A MEDIOCRE: A woman that has set a high standard for herself wouldnt relent in making sure that her partner has the same school of thought as hers. She will make sure that the mind of mediocrity is annihilated in the family, she will always encourage you and wouldn’t want you to settle for less as she has already place her standard. A woman like this will not be okay with just a 2 bedroom flat, she would wanna explore, she won’t be comfortable with eating only Garri/fufu everyday of the week, she makes you realise that you have not yet arrived.

3) SHE BRINGS BUSINESS IDEAS AND STRATEGIES: And yes, she will bring up so many business STRATEGIES to boost the financial standard/level of her husband and family. She knows the right business that can yearn more profit, she has knowledgeable ideas on technical know how, she’s always drawing plans of the next business move to keep you going.
This kind of woman will always support her husband positively in business wise. She gets projects that will lead into skyrocketing financially. She’d be simply amazing.

4) SHE GUIDES YOU IN INVESTING PROPERLY: Any lady that knows the value of money will also know how to invest properly, she makes investment deals on long term profits, she firstly helps you acquire landed properties, equipment and resources. She doesn’t depend on the short term investment rather she looks beyond it just to attain the best of it.

These type of lady always marks out good plan for the family, they help their husbands in any wise investment plans instead of slaying with make ups and clothes.

5) SHE’S ALWAYS GONNA MAKE YOU PROUD: A good wise woman will always make you proud because she is always gonna be successful, you will be proud of her anytime, anywhere.

You will always be grateful for having such a wonderful woman as your wife, you will over the years appreciate her efforts in making you a better man financially.

Love a woman that loves to love money in positive ways and see your coast enriched. You can’t always do it alone, you need a sensible woman to handle your projects wisely.
Thank you. grin

from Nairaland